Graduate student employees help run the University of Alaska and we care deeply about our teaching and research. But our pay, healthcare, and working conditions are neither equitable nor reflective of the work we do. 

AGWA/UAW is a group of graduate student employees who are trying to unionize as graduate workers at UAA, UAF, and UAS in partnership with UAW.

Current Step: #11 & 12 Electing a BC and ratifying IBD

We won our vote! More than 72% of all UA graduate workers voted in favor of being represented by AGWA-UAW at the bargaining table. The final tally of votes was 314 to 11 in favor of unionizing (96% yes!) out of 434 eligible voters. According to the ALRA, this is the highest turnout for a vote in Alaska in over 20 years.

Our bargainging committee is elected! Please see our bargaining center for the names of the committee members.

Right now, we are preparing to bargain with the university and need our members to ratify our Initial Bargaining Demands. Please take a moment to review and sign them here.

Our bargaining survey is also live. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to fill out the bargaining survey

As always, email organize(dot)agwa@gmail(dot)com with any questions!


Check here for events beginning in Fall 2023!


Email us at organize(dot)agwa@gmail(dot)com if you have any questions or want to organize with us.